Todd Aaron's Turbocharged Mustang

Carbureted Turbocharged 302 Project

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The Turbostang's Setup



  • Factory 5.0 Block Factory Forged Pistons Factory Crank Factory Rods Ford Motor Sports E303 Cam Factory E7 Heads (exhaust EGR hump ground down) Factory Bolt-Down Rocker ArmsWeiand X-CELerator Intake Manifold
  • Holley 600 Double Pumper carb – modified for blowthrough applicatioin

Turbo setup:

  • Custom Headers (MAC Shorties Flipped Upside Down and Extended Out To The Turbos)2 Garrett/Air Research T-03 turbos with .63 A/R Ford Powerstroke Diesel Intercooler Stuffed Behind The NoseCustom Intake Plumbing
  • K&N Carb Bonnet

Primary Fuel System:

  • Tapped fuel tank at bottom for sump-type setup Moroso Blue Anodized In-Line Fuel Filter Factory Rebuilt Mallory Comp 140 Fuel pump ½" aluminum fuel line to regulator Mallory 4301 Return Type Regulator With Boost Reference Port
  • #6 Braided lines to carb

Secondary Fuel System:

  • Tee’d Off From Boost Regulated Source3/8" hose to SoleniodNitrous System Fuel Soleniod-3AN braided line from Soleniod to NozzleNOS Dry System Single Nozzle Mounted In Intercooler-To-carb Hat Pipe
  • Triggered By A Hobbs Switch That Turns System On At 7PSI


  • MSD 6 AL MSD Blaster 2 Coil Factory 1985 Distributor With The Centrifugal Advance "Locked Down"Crane Fire Wire Spark Plug Wires
  • Spark plugs 1 heat range cooler, gapped at 32


  • Custom 3" from turbos to the mufflers
  • 3" Diameter Dynomax Race Bullet mufflers 12" long


  • T-5 World Class 5-Speed Ram Clutch and Pressure Plate Factory Bell Housing ( Not happy about that!!!! ) PRO 5.0 Shifter
  • Adjustable Clutch Cable and Quadrant with Firewall Adjuster


  • Ford Motorsports aluminum driveshaft
  • Driveshaft Safety Loop


  • 3.27 Ford Motorsport Gears Factory carrier Factory axles Factory Studs
  • No C-clip eliminators


  • Custom full length sub frame connectors with seat brackets Factory Untouched Torque BoxesFactory upper control arms Factory lower control arms Factory K-MemberFactory 1991 Sway Bar
  • Roll Cage ****Not installed Yet


  • Autometer Tach Autometer Boost Gauge Autometer Water Temperature Gauge Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge Barry Grant Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge
  • Summit Racing Fuel Pressure Gauge