Todd Aaron's Turbocharged Mustang

Carbureted Turbocharged 302 Project

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Click on the any picture to see a much better, very detailed version of it!

carburetor hat, bonnet
You can see the K&N "carb hat" and the mandrel intake tubing. This is justmandrel bent exhaust pipe tubing.

"Y" pipe
Here you can see the Flowmaster "Y" pipe collector used to merge the two intake pipes from the turbochargers into one 3"pipe

I had to make this little bracket to push the "Y" pipe away from the header and oil sulpply line - made it from one of the brackets that hold the starter cable close to the oil pan.

bottom side of the engine
This shows the mandrel 2.25" plumbing under the car to the "Y" pipe and the driver side turbocharge. Looks like a plumbing nightmare but it isn't really all that bad.