Todd Aaron's Turbocharged Mustang

Carbureted Turbocharged 302 Project

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How To Build a Turbo Project

First Thing -
The First thing you need is to learn more about now turbochargers actually work. This will give you a great foundation for understanding what is going to be happening as you get things going. When I first started this I was told by lots of people to get two books. These are considered some great information and I would suggest you do the same. They are not huge books at all and you will be able to read them fairly quickly and then you will have them for reference later. Here are links to them...  

General -
Moved the Battery to the trunk
Moved the MSD to the interior of the car
Move any wiring that will come close to the turbos
Removed the A/C compressor and the rest of the A/C system
Removed the Power Steering pump and lines and cooler (left the power rack, but drained it)
Cut openings in the inside on the engine compartment where the turbos stick through into the inner fender area

Turbos -
Garrett/Air Research T-03 turbos off of mid '80s Thunderbird Turbo Coupes with .63A/R Turbine housings
Took the Elbow off the right turbo and cut off the turn down and had a friend weld it back on upside down so that it will be pointed down when that turbo is mounted.
Took the Elbow off the right turbo and cut off the turn down and had a friend weld it back on upside down so that it will be pointed down when that turbo is mounted.

Exhaust -
Took a pair of Mac unequal length shortie headers and flipped them upside down
Cut off the flange where it is still 3"
Used 3" to 2.5" Header collector reducers to go from the cut headers to the 2.25" pipe(3" to 2.25" would have been better)
Used 2.25" mandrep bends fro JC Whitney to get to the turbos from the reducer
Made the Turbo Flange from some thick plate and a piece of 2.25" exhaust pipe
For the exhaust out of the turbos I have only put on some 18" long bent 2.5" pipes that exit in front of the front tires

Oil system -
Tapped the oil pan on both sides in the front corners for the oil return lines as per the instructions for a Vortech Supercharger, and threaded in fittings and temporarily used some heater hose for the oil return lines.
Got some brass "T"s and assembled the oil supply take-off locations where the old oil sending unit was located.
Used some Russell #3 line and fittings to get oil from the engine to the turbos

Intake Plumbing -
Ordered a K&N carb hat like the one Mike Sitar used on his Thunderbird.
Used mandrel bends from JC Whitney
Used a Flowmaster "Y" pipe to merge the 2 turbo outlets into one
Used some fuel hose that fit over the pipes and hose clamps to connect it all together.

Fuel System
Mallory Comp 140 fuel pump
1/2" aluminum fuel line to the regulator
3 port Mallory return type regulator
#6 braided steel lines from the regulator to the carb
Holley 650 double pumper carb
Replaced the brass floats with the black plastic "Nitrofil" floats
Jetted the front and back up 3 sizes to 70s in front and 76 in rear
50cc rear accelerator pump

For more Detailed information, Check out my Tech Articles.