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Carbureted Turbocharged 302 Project

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Single PT70 Turbo  - SOLD!!!

I have decided to sell the current turbo setup and build another one.  I will probably go back with a twin setup because the turbos are cheaper and I want to do some other upgrades to the car and the sale of this kit should help finance those upgrades.

·        Precision Turbo “PT70” Turbo

o       Made by Precision Turbo and Engine

o       enough turbo to generate 785 horsepower

o       .81 A/R exhaust housing (spools at about 3200 RPM)

·        Integrated waste gate

o       Can be changed to external easily if desired but this works fine

o       Adjustable arm length

·        Driver side Header

o       Custom mandrel bent piping goes all the way to the turbo flange

o       Includes the flanged connection for the cross over pipe from the passenger side

·        Passenger Side Header

o       Standard Mac header

·        Cross over pipe

o       Standard connector to the passenger side header

o       All bends are Mandrel

o       3 bolt flange connector ties into driver side header

·        Down Pipe

o       3.5” diameter the entire length

o       Made from all Mandrel bends

o       Goes from turbo outlet, under driver header around steering shaft then down ending in front of bell housing of transmission

·        Oil Supply line

o       Stainless steel braided line

o       Russell Stainless steel –3AN hose ends

o       Russell Stainless steel –3AN to 1/8” NPT adapters

·        Oil Supply “Tree”

o       Brass fittings

o       Replaces the stock extender for the oil pressure sending unit

·        Turbo to Intercooler Piping

o       Mandrel bends

o       Rubber hose and bends

o       Clamps

·        Intercooler

o       Ford Powerstroke Diesel Intercooler

o       All Aluminum construction

o       Modified with brackets to mount on front of mustang

·        Intercooler to Carb Hat piping

o       3” Mandrel bent pipe

o       3” rubber connectors

o       Clamps

o       3” to 4” rubber adapter

·        Carb Hat

o       K&N carb hat


$2500 plus shipping

*** I could possibly sell everything up to the intercooler as a separate unit if wanted for less $$.

This would include:

  Precision Turbo “PT70” Turbo, Integrated waste gate, Driver side Header, Passenger Side Header, Cross over pipe, Down Pipe, Oil Supply line, Oil Supply “Tree”

Some pics available here: Picture Page 8










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